Wealth Wisdom Financial Partners
Wealth Wisdom Financial Partners
Your Guides to Grow and Protect Foundational Wealth
  • Wealth Building is an Adventure!

    Wealth Building is an Adventure!

    Every adventure needs 3 things:

    #1 a journeyer #2 a guide #3 a smart, stable "home base"

    You're #1

    We love being #2

    Can we introduce you to #3?

    With all 3 ... 

    the possibilities are infinite!

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  • Manage Cash flow like a MILLIONAIRE

    Manage Cash flow like a MILLIONAIRE

    Discover how our easy-to-follow, 10-step Quest can guide you
    along your financial adventure!

    With each tutorial less than ten minutes, you'll be surprised how quickly you can gain loads of wealth wisdom and peace of mind!
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Who We Are

Our main priority is to PARTNER with you as you develop and build your FOUNDATIONAL WEALTH.

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Amanda and Brandon Neely

100% Virtual

We partner via phone and video conference anywhere in the U.S.

100% Values-Driven

We never compromise compassionate service - for a sale (or any other reason).

100% Personalized

We create customized strategies tailored to each person, family, or business.


Creates confidence and certainty during all phases of life


Assists in launching after your riskier dreams


Aims to reduce lifetime tax obligations


Protects those you care most about


Makes it possible to be better than debt free


What We Do

Financial Education

Gain a wealth building mindset through story, examples, facts, and even some jokes!

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Financial Empowerment

Unearth your wealth building superpowers with a 5-step practice that reveals you know more than you think you do!

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 Wealth Building Community

Join an online community of go-getters mastering wealth building outside a W-2 together!

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Bank On Yourself®

A tool we used to build our own Foundational Wealth. We love it so much we became Bank On Yourself Professionals!

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Additional Services

  • Retirement Income Planning 
  • Education Solutions
  • Business Cash Flow and Financing
  • Real Estate Equity Strategies
  • Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Book *Coming Soon!*

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  How to Get Started

Are you ready to take action and craft your unique wealth building adventure

Excited to learn more about Foundational Wealth?

If so, we’d like to offer you our time and experience as guides in defining and designing a Foundational Wealth adventure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

If we’re the right fit, we’ll walk through implementation and ongoing monitoring of your 

journey long term too! Take the first step to see if we're a good match for this kind of relationship.

We have carefully crafted a proprietary process called 4-D Adventure Track to guide you through Defining, Designing and Departing on a revitalized financial adventure and then Discovering new adventures as you're ready.

Not ready for such a big commitment? Let’s go on a Coffee Date instead.
Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today!
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