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Wealth Wisdom Financial Partners
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Ready for a career ladder worth climbing in terms of impact, compensation, and reaching your full potential?

At Wealth Wisdom Financial, we love hiring and training A-players to succeed as professionals in meaningful roles.

As a boutique financial services firm, we hire entry-level college graduates as client service assistants to start to gain industry knowledge and experience. As you meet milestones, you are able to progress to a financial professional and beyond!

Here are the 5 main requirements:

  1. Growth Mindset - You’re naturally curious and like to try new things and develop your natural skills.
  2. Work Ethic - You like to work and take pride in being accurate, quick and effective. You show up on time, ready to go, and delight others with underpromising then overdelivering.
  3. Team Approach - You enjoy working in a collaborative environment with others who are happy to help and where you lend a hand in return.
  4. Internally Motivated - You’ve got big goals for your life and simply want to conducive environment to bring your talent out and change the world.
  5. Outgoing - You like having conversations on video, phone, and in person with all sorts of people from around the United States.  

    Bonus: You like money strategies, numbers in spreadsheets, and middle-school-level math.